Imprint Frame Police Officer

Personalized Bronze Sculptured 2D Engraved Glass Police Imprint Frame is perfect for those with the career of keeping the roads around us safe and for honoring those who have helped and even died to keep us safe at home. Created with any photo, text, or design, this personalized police officer gift will bring a tear of pride and joy to those who receive it. Perfect for graduation from Police Academy, Retirement from law enforcement service or to just show great appreciation. 

Some ideas of what may be included in the engraving are a photograph of the police officer, photo of the police officer's badge or just the badge number, photo of the unit where the police officer works or worked, photograph of the unit, and more. Text might include years of service, graduation dates, or prayer. The sky is the limit and that is what makes this gift so special. 
  • $130.00