Attention to detail and awareness of ALL design aspects is what makes an Etched Memory, an exquiste lifetime keepsake.  Font Style is an important factor when designing a unique, personalized Etched Memory.  The font type is limitless and is a simple way of exhibiting personality.

Etched Memory Design Team will display your font style on a layout template, for your review and approval, prior to production.  

When placing your Etched Memory order, there is a required FONT option.

You may pick from a list of Most Used Fonts, shown here: 

Popular Fonts

Or get daring and allow our artistic design team to "Choose a Font" for you.  We will identify and pick a font that we feel suits the personality of your design.  Here are a few we may pick from:

Other Fonts we use often

If you are not pleased with the font choice, we will modify and send an updated Layout Template showing a revised font type.

Our goal is that you are completely "WOWED" by all aspects of your design, right down to the font style.